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Raising the Roof: Toque Campaign

We are happy to announce that as of February 1st we will be participating in Raising the Roof’s longstanding Toque Campaign!

Raising the Roof is a national charity organization that raises money and public awareness to end homelessness in Canada. Operating out of Toronto for over 20 years, Raising the Roof has raised over $8 million towards their goal. Wow! You can learn more about their mission and specific initiatives on their website

Over the next several months we will be participating in the Toque Campaign, as well as promoting a Housing and Support Programs Awareness Campaign all focused on ending homelessness and the importance of support programs. Support Programs provide recently housed individuals with necessary individualized support in a variety of ways. Support Programs are key in ensuring that Canadians are not only housed, but that they are properly supported so that they stay housed. We can’t wait to chat more about this with you!

During the next several months we will be sharing information about our support programs here at Windsor Family Homes & Community Partnerships and other organizations in our community, chatting with others in our field about successful housing strategies, promoting our belief that provincial funds given for housing should include essential support services, and much more. Please join us on this journey and learn more about what you can do to help support this mission!

To stay connected with us and this campaign follow us on our socials at:

 Facebook: WFHCP     Instagram: @WFHCP

Toque Tuesday falls on February 1st this year!

Please tune in to the YouTube livestream Virtual Telethon event by clicking the link: You can listen in on educational and important conversations with amazing people working in the homelessness sector, hear inspiring stories from people with lived experience, some musical guests, and more.

All funds from toque sales go directly towards initiatives to end homelessness. As a participating agency, we will receive 50% of our toque sales to put towards the housing support programs we proudly provide for our tenants. We believe our success stories prove that proper support in addition to housing helps folks remain housed and end the cycle of homelessness.

To purchase toques please visit this website:

Please know, you can purchase toques any day of the year, it is not limited to Tuesday, February 1st.